Nicole SodomaWhen I opened the doors to Sodoma Law in 2008, it was with the intention of building a different kind of firm. When I started to put together the team, I focused on creating a culture unlike any other I had encountered: a “firm family” that showed commitment to our clients, to our team and to our community. Over time, this concept has become known as “The Sodoma Way.”

We jokingly refer to my vision of the firm as the “Sodoma Law Experience” or better yet the “Sodoma Law Experiment.” Candidly, I was unsure where to begin (and have the stories to prove it!) but I knew that our commitment to clients was central to our success. This meant that our clients knew they were not in it alone – and if we were taking care of our clients, we could refocus our energy away from billable goal requirements. While financial stability and reputation is critical for any legal services firm, part of being the best advocate for our clients is not allowing billable time to be the driver. When billable time becomes an attorney’s main incentive, the inevitable result is the attorney takes on a large client load which reduces his or her ability to provide the right kind of service. This often means that the attorney becomes spread too thin across many clients, and the client falls prey to an attorney who is non-responsive and ultimately loses sight of the client’s goals. This leads directly to the attorney becoming that unfortunate stereotype: cold and ineffective. If an attorney is representing their client effectively, the billable time becomes secondary.

At Sodoma Law, we have a different way of looking at things. This kind of advocacy is very special and is how Sodoma Law sees its role in the world: providing a passionate commitment to the client, our community and each other. It’s the lens through which we do our best work. Of course, “The Sodoma Way” is much more than that but that is one of the places where we began and one of the values we breathe. So, what else is in the secret sauce? In my next post, I’ll dive into other elements that have become the driving force for us and the reason we have continued to grow and expand to serve our clients.

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