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Napoleon Hill pondered the idea that most students who choose the legal or medical profession do so because it is historically a lifelong career with opportunities for financial stability. When I was faced with the decision of choosing my path, I did so because I knew that I was destined to help shape someone’s life. More difficult than choosing my career in the legal profession was choosing the area of the law where I could make the most impact. There is no question that family law satisfies my passion for helping not just people – but families – during one of the most difficult times in their lives. It was the driving force behind my decision years ago and still the motivation I feel every day in my practice.

While other areas of law offered unique rewards and challenges, no other area of law could offer me the personal fulfilment that I receive from helping people resolve problems in their daily lives. Family law feeds my soul every time I am entrusted by my clients to manage anything from a high conflict custody case to the division of assets and debts. My ability to advise is natural to me as my friends and family have always seen me as a constant support system, advisor, confidant, fighter in their corner – they know that they can come to me when times get tough and they always have. I take my role very seriously and those same attributes are what make me a tenacious family law attorney.

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I attended The University of Texas at San Antonio with a concentration in justice in the family. More specifically, identifying and managing the controversies and discrepancies in the role of “the family” and how a family can look and be defined differently by so many people. Though years ago, my participation helped shape my worldview and philosophy as I recognized then and now that “family” is no longer the traditional unit as it once was. While everyone may have a different approach to divorce, you have to first understand the nuances in relationships before being able to understand how those nuances may impact the journey ahead.

My goal is to work every single day towards the best possible outcome for my clients by advocating for them with integrity, tenacity and compassion. Keeping my clients informed and educated about every aspect of their legal matter are top priorities – quickly followed by my “Family First” philosophy – whatever the form of family that may be. These matters can be delicate, complicated and emotional. Whether you are going through a divorce or adopting a child, I am devoted to making positive changes and finding real solutions at every turn.

I get to know each of my clients not just by their legal matters, but by who they are as people. I strive to calm their nerves, and most importantly, ensure that they leave my office knowing they are part of a team and can rely on me to be their champion through each stressful situation.

In my downtime, I enjoy exercise, cooking, reading, and home-improvement projects. I volunteer with the Habitat for Humanity, among other charitable causes. I enjoy the thrill of a new challenge, and always strive for my best, both personally and professionally.


  • University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Charleston School of Law

Bar Admissions

  • North Carolina

Areas of Practice


  • Union County Bar; Secretary
  • Union County Supervised Visitation Center; Treasurer


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