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Fiduciaries are subject to specific legal responsibilities when it comes to the investment, management and distribution of funds. Executor, powers of attorney and Trustee all accept fiduciary responsibilities when they assume these roles. Granted, you have chosen them for a reason and expect they will act accordingly, but sometimes guidance is necessary for even the most trustworthy appointees.

Sodoma Law can advise individual and institutional trustees on the options and responsibilities they face in a fiduciary capacity. In circumstances when a client lacks an appropriate alternative, Sodoma Law attorneys are experienced, willing and able to serve as trustees or fiduciaries for individual or family financial and business matters.  When appointed as fiduciaries, our clients can expect prompt and efficient services and fees that are defined by the scope, time and complexity of the work, not simply fixed percentages.

If you’re serving as a fiduciary in a will or trust and have questions, talk to an attorney in our Estate Planning Group. If you have questions about the pros and cons of people you think may be appointed to act as your own fiduciaries, we can provide insightful guidance, recommendations and support. Talk to us today.

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