What is Living The Sodoma WayOver the years, as the firm has grown, I have had plenty of learning experiences and epiphanies. One that I routinely see is the ability of young attorneys to balance the critical role of true advocacy, particularly in a family law case, with the growth of a client base. The details of a family law case can seem overwhelming to an attorney but paramount to the client who is trying to better understand their new chapter in life. Whether it’s how an exchange will work at preschool or whether direct deposit is the right way to receive or pay support….those issues can seem insignificant without the right experience and training. While a client base grows, it is easy to forget those details and unknowingly diminish the importance of advocacy. Not only do you lose, but more importantly, your client who trusts you to close that gap loses. After opening our second office, I noticed that our culture had strayed from the path I’d set us on…a path that focused on being present for your clients and understanding details that mattered to them. Some attorneys desired a voluminous client base sacrificing that focus. With the plan of striking the right balance between caseload and advocacy, we put together a leadership team that knows what it means to have a commitment to clients and how to teach each member of our team that same commitment. We realized that the firm’s success would depend on EVERY member of our team to have not only that commitment, but also to bring fearlessness, compassion and tenacity to what they do each day. These elements are now incorporated into a set of core values that embody The Sodoma Way:

  • Commitment to client, community and each other
  • Creative, fearless problem solving
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Smart, tenacious and prepared in our advocacy
  • Success is our passion

Are we the only law firm to lay claim to a set of values? Far from it; however, it is actually practicing these values on a regular basis that continues to set us apart. These values are not aspirational; they are putting words around the behavior that I brought to the firm when we opened, behavior that I look for in each hire, behavior that we follow every day and most importantly: the environment that we sustain. The latter is certainly the toughest of all. I am inspired when a client comments on how our firm’s values have impacted their families. A real-life example that we received recently, paraphrased:

“You have made such a tremendous imprint on [my family] and I will be forever grateful. You brought me peace and hope again which is priceless. Thank you is such a small statement that cannot fully capture the gratitude I have for Sodoma Law. Thank you for your kindness, understanding and dedication to resolving issues in my case. When I came to you I was seeking a firm who could cover my blind side; you did that and so much more. There are individuals who truly make a difference in the lives of others. You and your entire team have made such a positive impact on ours.”

These values are the foundation for living The Sodoma Way. These values help us succeed through helping our clients succeed. Definitely a key ingredient to our secret sauce.

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