We will be your advocate. A new era of family law is here.
We will be your advocate. A new era of family law is here.
Our Practice Areas
While the foundation of our practice maintains a unique and experienced family law firm, our practice areas have grown to encompass many other areas of law. Our goal is to provide our clients full service, personalized, and focused counsel for all of their home, family, and business needs.


Client service and being available to answer your family law, divorce, child custody and child support questions is a top priority.


From small, family-owned companies to Fortune 500 companies, our attorneys represent and guide clients through the litigation process.


We provide peace of mind planning for individuals, families, and business owners regarding a wide variety of estate, trust and business issues.


We are advocates for your growing family. If you’re considering adoption, surrogacy, or another area of assisted reproductive technology we can help.

Sodoma Law Union

While our Union County office is focused on family law, our clients benefit from access to Sodoma Law’s comprehensive appellate, estate planning, assisted reproductive technology and business litigation practice areas across the firm at large.

Sodoma Law Foundation

The Sodoma Law Foundation supports organizations addressing issues to which the firm is deeply committed: those that improve the wellbeing of children, and those that support the charitable endeavors of the Mecklenburg County’s legal community.
A new era of family law is here.
Our experienced attorneys and staff will work with you to create the resolution that is right for you, your family and your business.
Sodoma Law is a family-focused and family-driven firm. You will feel this from the moment you walk in our door. Whether you need a divorce lawyer for a high-conflict divorce, you want to create a family through surrogacy or adoption, or you have a question about your estate plan or your business, our attorneys can help. Though our foundation is family law, we understand that life’s events are connected and thus our multi-disciplinary approach is to support you – our client.

If you’re working with our Family Law Practice Group, it is likely you are about to have a life event and will have questions about your existing estate plan. Ask us. We know that separation and divorce can be incredibly emotional situations. When you are focused on the important issues of alimony, equitable distribution, child custody and child support, the fact that you may or may not have an estate plan that also needs updating is likely the furthest thing from your mind. But, Sodoma Law’s Family Law Practice Group is aware of the traps and gaps that may exist if your estate plan is not updated or revisited during a separation or after a divorce.

If you have named your soon-to-be ex-spouse as your durable power of attorney, healthcare agent, executor or trustee, he or she may have broader powers than you would want. Depending on the nature of the circumstances, at best, it would be less than ideal and at worst it could be a disaster.

It is this kind of commitment to our clients that led Sodoma Law to expand its practice areas to Business Litigation. Our Business Attorneys can work with all types of businesses to resolve disputes both in and out of court. From small disputes to complex trials, our Business Litigation Practice Group advises our clients on a variety of business disputes, including but not limited to, breach of contract, fraud / misrepresentation, real estate disputes, class action claims, and construction disputes.

Sodoma Law, P.C. has a main office conveniently located just minutes from the courthouse in Charlotte, North Carolina. We also have offices in South Charlotte in the Ballantyne area as well as Monroe, North Carolina.

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How much does divorce cost?
In North Carolina, the filing fee for an absolute divorce is $225.00. A lawsuit making a claim for an Absolute Divorce (and possible resuming a person’s maiden name) is based on the lawyer’s hourly rate unless otherwise advised by Sodoma Law.
How long will I have to pay child support?
In general, both parties have a duty to support their child until the child reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school, whichever event occurs last. However, if the minor child is over 18 and continues to attend secondary school, parties are obligated to provide child support up to the age of 20.
Do I still have to pay alimony if I lose my job?
In North Carolina, if a party is either ordered to pay alimony or has agreed to pay alimony through a consent order, then a party may seek a modification of the existing obligation by filing a motion with the Court and showing that there has been a change in circumstances.
How do I know when I am legally separated?
When you no longer live under the same roof as your spouse, you are separated. “Legally” separated typically means you have an agreement evidencing your separation, or a Court has ruled that you are “legally” separated. However, you can be separated without a document in place. If you have been separated for more than one year, regardless of whether your separation is “legal,” you may be entitled to a divorce judgment.
How can I keep my fees to a minimum?
Sodoma Law, P.C. offers many suggestions to clients as to how to keep attorney fees low. Among other things, we ask that our clients come as prepared as possible to meetings so that each meeting is productive and effective. We ask our clients to assist us in keeping their files organized so as to lower administrative costs related to hearing and/or settlement preparations. We often work with clients to prepare “to do” lists so as to further reduce their legal fees.
What happens if I die without a will?
If you don’t have an estate plan, the legislature has a default plan for you. The default statutory rules are rarely what anyone would choose and can create unfair results and discord among your family. Here are just a few examples: Imagine you die without a will and are survived by… read more.
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